Paddle - VESL Carbon ADJ

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Paddle - VESL Carbon ADJ

The Paddle Is Everything - 23oz. Adjustable Carbon Zip SUP Paddle

• The "Zip" paddle is a great all around paddle for everything. Great in the surf, touring and racing. Even with a smaller size blade you can maximize the efficiency of your stroke with  minimal shoulder stress. The release is smooth for an easy transition towards the next stroke. The new shape is great for both small and medium size paddlers 165-230lbs +

• On the blade the center area is higher on the blade giving it a lighter / cleaner feel at the catch with more power at the mid to the end of the stroke.

djustable Shaft Height: 5'0 - 6'3

The angle of the paddle blade through the water and the blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of your stroke. Our blades are angled and foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle. 


Great SUP Paddle For: 

  • Cruising
  • Touring
  • Surfing
  • Sharing